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Although very young, Sydney Sweeney (24) and Justice Smith (26), have a very interesting work resume that has led them to be part of series and films that achieved relative success. On the first we can mention their roles in series such as “Euphoria“,” The Handmaid’s Tale “and most recently” The White Lotus. ” While, in the case of the second, we can mention “Paper Cities”, “The Get Down” and, of course, the commercial entertainment film “Detective Pikachu”.

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Fate would make these two actors meet for an ambitious bet but whose final result does not necessarily leave a good taste. We refer to “The Voyeurs”, An erotic thriller that has just been released internationally by the streaming network Amazon Prime Video.

In this two-hour film, they both play a loving couple made up of Pippa and Thomas. She, an ophthalmologist by profession, and he, a musician who records commercials from home, have just moved to a spacious and beautiful apartment located in Montreal, Canada. It is there where, from the first night together, the plot begins to unfold.

As they celebrate their arrival in this dreamy space, Pippa and Thomas realize that in the apartment located in the front building, a couple begins the ritual prior to a sexual relationship. Although initially they are guided by modesty and prefer not to see (for this it is worth saying that in these buildings nobody uses curtains), finally they give in to the temptation.

Sydney Sweeney en "The Voyeurs".  (Photo: Prime Video)
Sydney Sweeney en “The Voyeurs”. (Foto: Prime Video)

So far we have a first glimpse of what it offers us “The VoyeursAs for its plot. We will analyze everything else in three aspects: the emotional bond between Pippa and Thomas throughout the film, the highly professional tone with which the erotic cut scenes are presented and, finally, the plot stumbling blocks in the second part of the story .

Throughout much of the film we try to make it clear that it is Pippa who takes the initiative in the relationship. She encourages Thomas not only to see through binoculars the sexual encounters between his neighbors, but also (while he sleeps), returns to his living room to continue snooping. Although initially in favor, Thomas eventually changes his mind and even gets upset with the mere idea of ​​continuing to ‘gossip’ what happens a few meters from his house. This ‘difference’ between the two undermines their relationship.

Most of the American media that have published their impressions of this Prime Video tape have influenced its erotic nature. This is not wrong because, although the crime closes this story (but we will deal with it in the next point), it is undeniable that it is the erotic factor that sustains it for 120 minutes. We won’t know much more about Pippa and Thomas than what is described above. They share friends in common. He enjoys taking chlorophyll extract. She is an expert in recommending glasses for every type of face. There’s no more.

What we will witness is each of the love sessions that the neighbors (Seb / Ben Hardy and Julia / Natasha Liu Bordizzo) star inside their apartment. Later, when it is Pippa’s turn and the images are no longer distant and dwarfed by the binoculars, a series of subtle shots unfold, capable of expressing exclusively what is necessary, making it clear that we are not alone in front of a sexually-oriented film starring by young people.

Ben Hardy y Natasha Liu
Ben Hardy y Natasha Liu

In what there could be more consensus is in relation to the unsuccessful result of many of the twists that the film presents. In his intention to offer us much more than the story of two snoopers involved in a criminal event, “The VoyeursHe stumbles. Thus, Thomas practically disappears in two-thirds of the film, and then ‘reappears’. The neighbor who charmed Pippa is unable to articulate a flirtation consistent with his age and, finally, the circumstances surrounding the crime turned out to be totally different from those imagined. These and other reasons make Mohan’s film fade in the midst of its weak argument, saved that yes, by a remarkable performance of Sweeney, an actress to follow closely in the future.

Sydney Sweeney en "The Voyeurs".  (Photo: Prime Video)
Sydney Sweeney en “The Voyeurs”. (Foto: Prime Video)


Original title: “The Voyeurs”.

Synopsis: A young couple (Sydney Sweeney and Justice Smith) become interested in the sex lives of their neighbors across the street (Ben Hardy and Natasha Liu Bordizzo). What starts out as an innocent curiosity turns into an unhealthy obsession, after they discover a neighbor is cheating on them. Temptation and desire make their lives tangled and lead to deadly consequences.

Platform: Prime Video.

Duration: 2 hours.

Director: Michael Mohan.

Classification: +18.

Rating: ★★.

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Trailer for "Cruel Summer".  (Source: Prime Video)
Trailer for “Cruel Summer”. (Source: Prime Video)



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“The Voyeurs” on Prime Video: To See or Not to See Amazon’s Erotic Thriller with Sydney Sweeney and Justice Smith? | REVIEW | Premieres | SKIP-ENTER