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The film, starring Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton, combines both genders in a story in which a student and a murderer exchange their bodies. Now in theaters!

Comedy and horror together? What a madness! Not so fast. Some filmmakers have already shown that this combination works. And sometimes perfectly. Proof that this mix fits is This body feels like death (2021), the new film by Blumhouse which is already available in theaters.

Directed by Christopher Landon, the film stars Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton. The story follows Millie, a student who, by a strange event, exchanges her body with the serial killer known as The butcher. If the protagonist does not want to continue inside this criminal, she must hurry before the change is irreversible.

On the occasion of the premiere of This body feels like death, we have compiled other eight films that combine horror and comedy. Wedding night (2019), The Cornetto trilogy (2004-2014), The hunt (2020), The Babysitter (2017), Happy death day (2017)… All of them are a perfect mix for lovers of both genres and, why not, to let out a few laughs.

‘Happy death day’

Comedy and horror went hand in hand in Happy death day (2017), another of the films of Blumhouse. Directed by Christopher Landon -the same behind This body feels like death-, the film follows a college student named Tree that one night she is murdered. But this event does not mean its end: Tree has to relive the same day she was killed over and over again. Thanks to the help of Carter, another student, the protagonist will try to destroy the time loop in which she is trapped. To do this, you must discover the identity of the murderer.

A Happy death day, starring Jessica Rothe and Israel Broussard, was followed by a sequel: Happy death day 2 (2019). Landon got back behind the scenes of this second installment with more time loops and more dangers for Tree.

‘The hunt’

Starring Betty Gilpin, The hunt (2020) is an action horror film with large doses of comedy that always brightens up an afternoon. It opens with a scene full of special guests – which we are not going to talk too much about so you can enjoy it to the fullest – and it no longer stops offering great moments.

Crystal (Gilpin) is a young woman who wakes up in the middle of a forest. She does not know how she got there but she sees that she is surrounded by people in the same situation as her. It doesn’t take long for her to realize that this is the jackpot of a group of hunters who are eager to finish her off. Thus begins a chase to the limit in which his life is at stake.

Is available in Movistar +.

‘Little Monsters’

What if we put zombies, children and nursery rhymes together? They are elements that, a priori, do not stick too much, but together in Little Monsters (2019) work perfectly. Lupita Nyong’o, Alexander England and Josh Gad play the adults trying to save a group of children who are on a field trip to a school farm when the zombie apocalypse breaks out.

This Abe Forsythe film breaks the schemes of zombie cinema while keeping the essence. There are children and a lot of comedy, yes, but also a lot of the undead, blood and fierce fighting. The only downside is that it did not have a premiere at its height.

Is available in Movistar +.

‘The visit’

The visit marked the rebirth of the master of terror M. Night Shyamalan. The director had succeeded with The sixth Sense (1999) the Signals (2001), but as of 2008 a bad streak began that made many see his new tape with suspicious eyes Horror and comedy? From Shyamalan? Nobody gave a penny for her and yet it was a success.

The visit (2015) is a ‘thriller’ that follows two brothers who arrive at their grandparents’ house for a week. It is his way of reconciling with them, since the bad relationship they have with their mother has caused them not to be very close. Once there, they see strange behavior in the two old men and, when they want to go home, they realize that they cannot flee.

‘Wedding night’

Before the fans of Scream (2022) can enjoy the return of the mythical horror saga with its fifth installment, the directors of this film Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin brought to the big screen Wedding night (2019). Starring Samara Weaving, Adam Brody and Mark O’Brien, the title is set in the hours after the link between Grace and Alex, the director of the successful game company Le Domas Family Games.

What should be the happiest night of her life turns into a true survival journey for Grace. Her new husband’s family forces her to participate in a sinister game in which she will have to do everything possible to avoid being hunted down.

Is available in Movistar +.

‘Welcome to Zombieland’

Zombies are fearsome creatures. Unless you give them a touch of humor like director Ruben Fleischer did in Welcome to Zombieland (2009). Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin star in this film setting a world in which a virus has turned the population into the living dead. So as not to end up like a zombie, Columbus (Eisenberg) has created a set of rules to survive with.

The protagonist wants to go to his hometown to find his parents and find out if they are still alive. On his journey he will meet other characters such as the zombie killer Tallahassee and the sisters Wichita and Little Rock. Together they must face different dangers and, even more difficult, trust each other.

Ten years after the film’s arrival in theaters, its sequel was released Zombieland: Kill and Finish (2019).

Is available in Netflix and HBO.

‘The Babysitter’

Cole he is a boy who is totally captivated by his babysitter. Things get complicated when, waking up in the middle of the night, he finds her performing a satanic ritual with more people. Cole will then discover that his nanny is totally moving away from the adjective “angelic” and that his plans are to turn the protagonist into one more victim.

McG is the director of The Babysitter (2017), a horror film with comic overtones. Bella Thorne, Robbie Amell and Samara Weaving They lead the main cast of this film that promises a lot of blood and a lot of laughs.

It is available on Netflix.

‘The Cornetto Trilogy’ (‘Zombies Party’, ‘Fatal Weapon’ and ‘Welcome to the end of the world’)

If there is someone who perfectly combines horror and comedy, it is Edgar Wright. The British man is responsible for one of the best horror trilogies in history: the Cornetto, made of Zombies Party (2004), Fatal weapon (2007) and Welcome to the end of the world (2013). In all three, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost give life to two characters who are involved in all kinds of terrifying and apocalyptic situations, but with a lot of humor (English).

On Zombies Party, they face a zombie invasion while trying to save the girlfriend and mother of Shaun (Pegg). One Fatal weaponThey play two policemen who have to investigate a series of mysterious deaths in a small town. On Welcome to the end of the world, a group of friends try to finish a pub crawl, the ‘Golden Mile’, as the world comes to an end. If you still do not know it, it is never too late to enjoy this essential trilogy.

As a curiosity: the title of The Cornetto Trilogy comes from a private joke on Wright. The director used to cure his hangover with this type of ice cream and included it in the script of the first installment. He decided to repeat it for the second and, suddenly, he was surprised that the company sent them hundreds of strawberry-flavored ice creams for the premiere. In the three tapes there is a character who takes a Cornetto or makes a reference to the brand.

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‘This body feels like death’ and 8 other horror and comedy films – Movie News