This is ‘Night Shift’, the new medical fiction that comes to Divinity for its tenth anniversary

Divinity premieres this Tuesday at 10:45 p.m., ‘Night shift’, a medical fiction that joins the ‘Medical Lovers’ label along with ‘DOC’, ‘Nina, a different nurse’ and ‘The good doctor’.

Irreverent, passionate and addicted to adrenaline: these are the doctors on the last shift of the ER at San Antonio Memorial, a hospital in the southern United States. The most difficult and extraordinary clinical cases arrive there, which an atypical team of doctors with military experience will try to solve. These heroes of the night are the protagonists of ‘Night shift’, new series that Divinity will premiere on Tuesday, September 21, starting at 10:45 p.m., within the thematic seal ‘Medical Lovers’.

Gabe Sachs y Jeff Judah (‘Sensation of Living: The New Generation’) are the creators of this adrenaline-fueled hospitable fiction interpreted by Eoin quirks (‘Marline’), Freddy Rodriguez (‘Two meters underground’), Jill Flint (‘The Good Wife’), Daniella alonso (‘Dynasty’), Ken Leung (‘Lost’) and Robert Bailey Jr. (‘The incident’).

‘Night shift’ inaugurates the battery of contents coinciding with the commemoration of the 10th anniversary with the next premieres of the international fictions’ The Bold Type ‘and’ Here it all begins’, the long-running series’ Love at second sight ‘,’ He stole my life from me ‘and’ Light of hope ‘and novel factuals such as’ Go gardens’, among others.

The Heroic Lives-Saving Efforts of San Antonio Memorial Emergency Physicians

Welcome to the night shift at the San Antonio Memorial, a modest hospital in the southern United States, where a special group of doctors work: the hardened physicians of the emergency department. Many of them, hardened in the army, turn their heroic efforts to save lives every night, sometimes using ingenious and unorthodox methods that clash with the protocol of the hospital.

Red tape and cost cutting are the main enemies of these extraordinary physicians, such as TC Callahan, a brilliant trauma surgeon; Jordan Alexander, head of the hospital’s night shift; Landry De La Cruz, the ER psychiatrist; Topher Zia, an experienced physician used to working in late night; and Paul Cummings, a first-year resident physician who tries to conform to the rigor and demands of the emergency department.

It is on the night shift that the San Antonio Memorial receives the most difficult cases. While the medical staff copes with the severity of the income, manager Michael Ragosa is willing to keep the center going, even if he has to make financial decisions that clash with medical work.

Meet the characters from ‘Night Shift’

THE NIGHT SHIFT — “Coming Home” Episode 105 — Pictured: — (Photo by: Lewis Jacobs/NBC)
  • TC Callahan (Eoin Macken)

Brilliant, brave and determined: this is surgeon TC Callahan, a former military physician who served three missions in Afghanistan. After being discharged from the military, he returned to Texas where he turned to wrestling, drinking and gambling to relieve his stress. Currently, he is part of the Traumatology team of the San Antonio Memorial Hospital Emergency Service, where he does not hesitate to use transgressive methods to save lives.

  • Michael Ragosa (Freddy Rodríguez)

Strict in compliance with hospital protocol, Michael Ragosa is the new manager of the San Antonio Memorial. Determined to cut costs, he unleashes his frustration at not being able to become a doctor with the healthcare staff.

  • Jordan Alexander (Jill Flint)

Recently promoted, Jordan Alexander is a brilliant and passionate ER physician. She coordinates the work of the night shift physicians, including her unpredictable ex-boyfriend TC. Following Ragosa’s appointment as the new manager of the hospital, he will try to convince him that she is capable of bringing order out of chaos during the night shift.

  • Landry de la Cruz (Daniella Alonso)

Friend and confidant of Dr. Alexander, Landry de la Cruz, a fun-loving Texan. She is also the only psychiatrist who works the last shift of the hospital center.

A seasoned former military medic in Afghanistan, where he met TC, Topher Zia does whatever it takes to save the lives of his patients and to steer his friend TC out of trouble. He is a resourceful man who knows how to use the system to his advantage.

  • Paul Cummings (Robert Bailey Jr.)

In his learning process, the young doctor Paul Cummings focuses his efforts on trying to fit into the complex dynamics of the emergency department. He is one of the brightest students in his class, but he is not yet ready to face the hard life as a surgical resident physician.

At the start of the series …

The San Antonio Memorial team of doctors and nurses use their instincts and extensive combat experience to deal with the extraordinary situations and chaos that take place on the night shift of the hospital’s emergency department. During the day, TC and manager Michael Ragosa discuss the need to put a baby on dialysis, a conflict that puts Dr. Jordan Alexander in trouble.

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This is ‘Night Shift’, the new medical fiction that comes to Divinity for its tenth anniversary