Titans: Dick Grayson’s Catwoman Helped Create New Deathstroke

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Titans Season 3, Episode 6, “Lady Vic,” available now on HBO Max.

On TitansBrenton Thwaites’ Dick Grayson has kept many secrets from the crew, forging a shadowy past similar to that of his mentor in Bruce. We learned that he had a relationship with Dawn / Dove, that he harbored a violent darkness within him and, last but not least, that he developed a deadly rivalry after messing with Deathstroke’s family. Well, as season three progresses, we find out a bit more about the old days, revealing that Dick got into crime with his own Catwoman, which sadly has spawned a new Deathstroke of sorts.

Dick’s Catwoman bombing comes through flashbacks as Dick recovers after being accidentally killed by Barbara Gordon’s cops in the search for Red Hood and Scarecrow. We find out that Dick caught a thief years ago robbing a Gotham museum, only to have it turn out to be Barb herself. She committed these crimes to keep her father up as a commissioner, but also to let the places know that they needed better security.

In the end, Dick bonded with Barb, not just out of excitement, but because he liked her, and soon their relationship turned sexual. It conjures up all the comics, cartoons, and movies we’ve seen the Bat and Selina Kyle at their dance, with Dick even joking that Barb was the new Catwoman in the neighborhood. Ultimately, Dick enjoyed these pranks, as they gave him a degree of freedom from the Dark Knight that he doesn’t usually have.

Unfortunately, things went wrong one night when a robbery was assaulted by Lady Vic and her boyfriend. As the foursome fought, Vic tried to throw a blade at Dick, but Barb misled her and ended up stabbing her lover.

In a panic, the masked Dick and Barb quickly left and ended these missions, leaving Vic to cradle his dying soul mate. She ended up taking her ring and running away; the ring he now wears in war, stroking it in all his deaths, as seen when he massacred the cops in a cafe outside Gotham. It is a sample that represents anger in the midst of love, and outlines her as someone who wants to take revenge on her family taken away by these vigilantes.

It’s akin to how Slade vowed to show no mercy to Dick in season two after Robin manipulated Jericho and cost the boy his life. While unmasked, Vic wields swords in the same way as Slade, but is much more brutal. While Slade played mind games – as he was influenced by his son’s spirit – Vic engages in cutting and maiming, which scares Nightwing.

It shows when he trashes a hospital to get equipment for the Scarecrow and how he nearly kills Barb in the present in an alley. What makes her even more dangerous now is that she has inside information from Scarecrow about the Titans after Jason sold them, so we hope the mercenary doesn’t beat around the bush to finish her quest for revenge.

The first six episodes of the third season of Titans are now available on HBO Max. Episode 7 premieres on September 9.

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Titans: Dick Grayson’s Catwoman Helped Create New Deathstroke