‘Tough to Peel,’ the comedy starring Clint Eastwood, gets a remake

‘Hard to peel’, the comedy starring Clint Eastwood In 1978, it has already become a true classic and one of the most loved and hated comedies of all time. At the time he got raise $ 95 million and even carry out a sequel, ‘The Big Fight’. Well, it seems that the movie of James Fargo will have a remake.

The one chosen to lead the new version of the film is Anthony G. Cohen. Cohen wrote, produced and directed the comedy ‘The Sex Trip’ last year, a film that had among its cast the youngest brothers of Tom Hanks, Sylvester Stallone and Costas Mandylor (Jim Hanks, Frank Stallone y Louis Mandylor respectively). The story follows a tireless womanizer, who one day decides to find his ideal woman.

While ‘Duro de Pelar’ followed the adventures of a truck driver and thug who has an orangutan named Clyde as a pet. James Fargo has spent months preparing the remake of the film: “I have been interviewing many directors for over a year and as soon as I saw Cohen’s film, I immediately knew that He was the right director to handle the remakehe explained to Deadline. “I was very impressed with the movie and its direction.”he added. Filming of the remake could begin in spring.

Clint Eastwood’s best characters

1 Frankie Dunn en ‘Million Dollar Baby’ (2004)
Frankie Dunn  en 'Million Dollar Baby' (2004)

In 2004 this film was released in which Eastwood gave us one of his best performances, and also one of the last. In it, he put himself in the shoes of a veteran boxing coach who, after much hesitation, ends up training a promising female, Maggie Fitzgerald, played by the also spectacular Hilary Swank. From that moment on, a paternal-filial relationship is created that makes Frankie doubt about everything he had believed up to that moment.

The film garnered seven Oscar nominations, of which it won five. Clint didn’t get the best actor award in one of the best roles of his entire career, but he did get it as a director. Some moments of the film, such as the farewell, continue to make our hair stand on end today.

Million Dollar Baby and eCartelera

2 William Munny in ‘Unforgiven’ (1992)
William Munny in 'Unforgiven' (1992)

With ‘Unforgiven’ Clint Eastwood returned to his favorite genre, Western, after a few years away from him. He did it through the front door, directing and starring in what is considered by many the best American film, both as a director and an actor, and even one of the best of the genre. Eastwood was playing the role of Bill Munny, an old retired gunman with a hidden past. Together with his companions, he had the mission to kill some men who had mistreated prostitutes. Throughout the film we were seeing Munny’s true face little by little, until we reached that final anthology that left us all speechless.

His performance earned him his first Academy Award nomination, and it gave him the artistic recognition that many denied him, demonstrating the nuances that he was capable of giving to his characters.

No forgiveness in eCartelera

3 Harry Callahan in the ‘Dirty Harry’ saga (1971-1988)
Harry Callahan in the 'Dirty Harry' saga (1971-1988)

We get to one of Eastwood’s most iconic characters. Harry Callahan, known as ‘Dirty Harry’, is a policeman with an unpleasant, cynical and totally unorthodox character who is forced to always accept the worst cases. What was born as a new collaboration (the most important) between Clint and Don Siegel, the director of the film, worked so well that it brought with it four sequels, all starring his character.

No one can doubt that he is a mythical character, who has left us some of the best cinema phrases that, in addition, in Spain we could hear the voice of the great Constantino Romero, becoming from that moment on two inseparable concepts, which have remained together until the sad death of the doubler.

Dirty Harry in eCartelera

4 Frank Lee Morris in ‘Escape from Alcatraz’ (1979)
Frank Lee Morris in 'Escape from Alcatraz' (1979)

“Escape from Alcatraz” was the last collaboration between its director, Don Siegel, and Clint Eastwood as an actor. Here, the interpreter gave us a nuanced composition of a real character: Frank Lee Morris, the only man capable of escaping alive from Alcatraz jail along with two other companions. With this film he showed that he was capable of doing something beyond his most iconic roles, and he could even put himself in the shoes of a real being, from whom he had to learn to achieve the highest levels of quality.

It is a film that can go unnoticed within the filmography of both directors, but that shows that there is light beyond the well-known ‘Dirty Harry’.

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5 Blondie in ‘The Dollar Trilogy’ (1964-1966)
Blondie in 'The Dollar Trilogy' (1964-1966)

And here we have the character for which Clint Eastwood became a myth of the Spaghetti Western and its most recognized actor. Sergio Leone directed between 1964 and 1966 the three films belonging to the so-called Dollar Trilogy: ‘For a handful of dollars’, ‘Death had a price’ and ‘The good, the ugly and the bad’. In it they taught us a man with no name, known as Blondie, Joe or Manco, depending on the film. Thus he drew the prototypical anti-hero, cool and rough, who did not need a name to reach the audience.

The tape left us mythical scenes, and a soundtrack by masterful Ennio Morricone, which has been used many times after the premiere of the films.

For a handful of dollars in eCartelera

6 Walt Kowalski en ‘Gran Torino’ (2008)
Walt Kowalski en 'Gran Torino' (2008)

‘Gran Torino’ is, to this day, Clint Eastwood’s last film in which he has participated as an actor and director. And how could it be otherwise, It also turns out to be a great finishing touch to his career. A fantastic movie, with all the ingredients to please anyone who enjoys good stories.

Clint Eastwood is Walt Kowalski, a man who has just been widowed, and with an ungrateful family that is hardly spoken to. A veteran of the Korean War, he lives in a neighborhood that has been filled with immigrants of Asian origin, something he does not particularly like. Everything changes when he meets his neighbor, a boy who cannot adapt to the world around him. Surprising himself, Walt ends up helping the young man and his family.

Although it was said that his role in this film was very similar to that of ‘Million Dollar Baby’, all the new nuances that he gives to his character, his way of seeing life and feeling it, and that immense ending make Kowalski one of the best roles of his life, and a great closure to his career. Surprisingly, the film did not opt ​​for an Oscars in 2008, to which the public and critics reacted negatively, opposing that decision.

Gran Torino in eCartelera

7 Robert Kinkaid in ‘The Bridges of Madison’ (1995)
Robert Kinkaid in 'The Bridges of Madison' (1995)

In ‘The Bridges of Madison’ we find the strangest role of Eastwood. In it, the actor completely leaves his usual register, and shows us his most sentimental side. The film itself is the typical romantic drama, and Clint plays the typical man in his fifties with an inner world and very correct manners who ends up falling in love with Meryl Streep.

More than one follower of the tireless American actor has been disappointed, and even disgusted with this character (those smiles and screw kisses can hurt sensibilities), but he’s worth including him on this list so he surely meant preparing for this role and proving that he couldn’t just play tough guys.

The bridges of Madison in eCartelera

8 Tom Highway in ‘The Iron Sergeant’ (1986)
Tom Highway in 'The Iron Sergeant' (1986)

We end with another of Clint’s great roles. Film directed and starring himself. In it, Sergeant Highway is a veteran of the Vietnam and Korean wars who returns to the United States to train a group of undisciplined rookies with the goal of turning them into Marines.

I’m Gunnery Sergeant Highway. I’ve drunk more beer, pissed more blood, poured more powder, and smashed more eggs than all of you put together, assholes“. With phrases like these, you don’t need any more reasons to include him on the list as one of Eastwood’s best roles. Very in his line, but as always bordering on excellence in every second that appears on the screen.

The iron sergeant in eCartelera

‘Tough to peel’ with Eastwood and his pet

The original comedy ‘Duro de pelar’ premiered in Spain on May 9, 1979. Along with Eastwood, the film’s cast also includes Sondra Locke, Geoffrey Lewis and Beverly D’Angelo. Although as explained by the protagonist at that time, and as a joke, the orangutan was “one of the most natural actors I have ever worked with, although he had to shoot the first take because his level of boredom was very limited”. The film was also honored for Best Song at the American Movie Awards and was nominated for The Stinkers Bad Movie Awards, sort of like today’s Razzies Awards. Either way, managed to pull off his sequel ‘The Big Fight’ by Buddy Van Horn, and now he’s about to shoot his remake.


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‘Tough to Peel,’ the comedy starring Clint Eastwood, gets a remake