Uncle Ben Could Come Back in a Heartbreaking Way

The MCU‘s upcoming release schedule is packed full of what promises to be exciting new adventures for fans’ favorite heroes. After the recent release of the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer, one title is certainly dominating the buzz among fans. While the trailer left some big rumors still up in the air, it did confirm that the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man from the MCU will be encountering villains from previous Spider-Man franchises. Fans are thrilled to see favorites like Doc Ock and The Green Goblin onscreen again, but there’s one other unexpected guest that some fans would really like to see in the new film.

The MCU’s missing Uncle Ben

Tom Holland | Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Throughout every iteration of Spider-Man throughout comics and film, he always has an uncle. Typically, that uncle’s unfortunate death is what inspires him to take on his role as the defender of the little guys across Queens and become Spider-Man. For Peter Parker, that’s always Uncle Ben. We haven’t seen uncle Ben in the MCU, though Tom Holland’s Peter does seem to have been raised by his widowed aunt.