We uncover all the retouching of Carmen Alcayde and the fortune that Queen Letizia’s surgeon charged her for her new nose

Carmen Alcayde and Jorge Javier Vázquez, the mythical presenters of ‘Here there is tomato’ (the program that ran so that ‘Cazamariposas’ or ‘Socialité’ could walk), they have met again this Tuesday afternoon on the set of ‘Save me’ for the first time since the Valencian signed for the troupe of his partner to bring the freshness, professionalism and good vibes of madrega (mother colleague) that characterize him.

Carmen Alcayde and Jorge Javier Vázquez return to work together 13 years after the end of ‘Here there is tomato’

The one who is now a collaborator of ‘Sálvame’ was not going to get rid of the fan that the dome of ‘La Fábrica de la Tele’ has brought to splash poop on its human team and thus face direct competition, which is making it pass a very ‘bitter’ season in terms of audiences. The Alcayde has undergone an exhaustive examination with all the retouching that has been done since its inception on television as an agenda.

From the hand of a professional who has not stopped throwing the rod, the new girl in the salseo office has fitted this review with a great sense of humor the different facets that it has offered on television. Always hand in hand with the best professionals: please, do not make it worse at home than ice cream with the ‘Famoplay’ ice cream maker.

Carmen Alcayde reveals all her aesthetic touches in 'Save me'

Carmen Alcayde reveals all her aesthetic touches in ‘Save me’

Carmen, although he is light years away from reaching the threshold of plastic metamorphosis of his colleague Kiko Matamoros (only comparable to that of Renée Zellweger), has gone through the operating room more times than through the Mercadona frozen food aisle in recent years. And with great honor, say yes, there is nothing like fresh produce and it is very important to support local businesses!

The third nose that cost him a kidney

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Carmen Alcayde freaking out with Dr. Vencilla’s indecent proposal: “Can you touch it?”

Carmen Alcayde has revealed how it has happened to be ‘the magpie Paca’ (as she has said herself) to an integral pibonazo without any qualms and with the help of the doctor Luis Vencilla in ‘Save me’. This of the retouching in the world of celebrities it is what to piss in the street after a night of partying in the world of mere mortals: who has not ever done it?

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Love doctor

The first step of the former presenter of ‘Tomate’ to achieve high rates of pibonexia was to retouch nose since, when he started in the business, they did not catch her in the castings because “she went off the plane, she scratched me with the camera”. Alcayde has recognized that, after having his nose operated for the first time in Valencia, He was afraid that Michael Jackson’s asymptomatic napia would get or Voldemort, so he decided not to skimp on a second operation (and third tocha).

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Carmen Alcayde in ‘Here’s Tomato’

And that’s how good Carmen ended up with Antonio de la Fuente, the royal surgeon. The collaborator of ‘Save me’ has been in the same hands, neither more nor less, that Letizia Ortiz, our monarch along with fashion victim reference. Now all you have to do is wear a heart-stopping red outfit made by Lorenzo Caprile himself.

Doctor Antonio de la Fuente, Queen Letizia's surgeon

Doctor Antonio de la Fuente, Queen Letizia’s surgeon

The third nose in question, according to the protagonist of this ‘plan renew’, it cost him a whopping 25,000 euros back in 2010. For that fortune, I wouldn’t even blow my nose, it would wear out (not to mention the masks). Of course, it has turned out good. Eleven years later, the tocha is still there, in place. Of course, it may also have influenced the fact that he has not gone skiing with some of his TV companions, which we already know of someone who has hit the built-in breather with some assiduity …

Your other tweaks

Not that there is tips to be a lucky girl, but yes to be divine from death. Carmen has found it in what influencers call ‘refresh’, which consists of making a supercombo (like those of the KFC) of botox once you visit the bedside specialist (pun intended). This is how Carmen explained how she looks a much more penetrating look that in his past:

“The line of the eye as a result of painting it so well in Telecinco seems another one. Let’s see, Amparo, no surgery. What I do do to myself when I go to have a ‘refresh’ is to give myself a dot of botox on each eyebrow to elevate the gaze, but that for very little time “, he confessed when JorgeJa, when analyzing the images, has seen a slight change in the way of looking of the one who was his fellow presenter one day.

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Carmen alcayde, component of the prodigious decade of the collaborators of the debates of ‘Big Brother’ (together with Belén Ro and Antonio Sánchez Casado), also have had a lipolaser tummy tuck, which consists of molding the yogurt figurine and eliminating the ‘orange peel’ (no stumbling, please) and all types of cellulite.

David Flores Jr, son of Rocío Carrasco, undergoes a hair graft (like his father): this is the image that proves it

Taking advantage of the fact that he got into the operating room (given the yuyu that general anesthesia gives him), the Valencian also decided to raise her chest to prevent him from dropping it when he was older (“for his children,” he used to say) and recycled the fat that was extracted from the tummy tuck by relocating it to the booty (ass) that looks today. It is what is known as “the revolving doors” of the butter of our body, do not believe that this is just a phenomenon that occurs in politics.

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We uncover all the retouching of Carmen Alcayde and the fortune that Queen Letizia’s surgeon charged her for her new nose