What happened to Bruce Willis?

The participation of Bruce Willis in low-budget or little-known films casts doubt on the status of his reputation in Hollywood. When can you get your streak back?

Nine years ago, Bruce Willis He seemed poised for the rebirth of his career. The action star had taken on some unorthodox roles in a couple of offbeat projects that were paying off. Thanks to his roles in acclaimed dramas like Moonrise Kingdom and LooperSuddenly it seemed that Willis was entering a new chapter in his career.

Perhaps this interpreter would go from starring only in action movies and comedies to facing riskier works by more symbolic authors. For example, occasionally with supporting roles in movies like Pulp Fiction and Nobody’s Fool. Considering how well Bruce Willis had done in his 2012 forays down this line, the future looked bright for the actor.

Almost a decade later, Bruce Willis has not touched a movie on the same level as Kingdom O Looper since 2012. In fact, except for Death Wish and Glass, has completely avoided starring in theatrical releases since 2015. Instead, the actor has embraced the director and producer’s direct-to-video projects. Randall Emmett. These films have begun to cultivate a toxic reputation online for including Willis’s face on posters, but then his participation in the film does not reach two minutes. The most recent of these movies, Midnight in the Switchgrass, was especially criticized for her role.

What has happened? How has Willis gone from promising 2012 performances to becoming a fixture in films designed to fill space in the film industry?

It is important to remember what came right after 2012. In 2013, Willis starred in several major releases, but these were not new directing efforts by Wes Anderson and Rian Johnson. Instead, he appeared in projects like A good day to die and Red 2. The kind of generic action Willis seemed to have briefly escaped from. Not only did he return to this field, but the box office results of this project put into question the viability of Willis as a protagonist. If the public was not willing to see him as John McClane, would they be willing to see him in any other variant on the big screen?

With the problem on the rise, 2013 was the beginning of Willis’s withdrawal from high-profile projects. The first one was The Mercenaries 3, a production in which Willis initially returned as his character from the first two films, Church. However, a public dispute broke out as the actor demanded a large sum of money for a minimal amount of filming. Willis was later removed entirely from the franchise and the producer Sylvester Stallone he despised Willis in the press. Willis was not only struggling to maintain financial viability as an action star, he was also struggling to maintain good relationships with his fellow action figures from the ’80s.

The mercenaries

Just two years later, another great project slipped out of Willis’ grasp in the form of Café Society, from Woody Allen. It was the first time that he seemed to have the goal of channeling his 2012 work by working with a famous author on something that was decidedly not a franchise film. Signing to play the boss of Jesse Eisenberg’s protagonist, Willis got to shoot some scenes as his character that were captured in photographs by the paparazzi.

Except it never appeared in the final cut of Café Society. Within days of filming, Willis was abruptly removed from the role and Steve Carrell he was hired to replace him. The official reason for Willis’ departure was a scheduling conflict with a Broadway show, but other reports indicated there were problems with the actor when it came to learning the script. Whatever the reason, Willis was no longer part of this production, which made him lose the opportunity to continue his rehabilitation in the arthouse.

Begins to “participate” in films of less budget

The same year he came out of the cast of Café Society, Willis started working with the producer Randall Emmett. These feature films were very low-budget films made for the home video market. Emmett and other producers behind titles like Extraction and Marauders They had a system where they could pay Willis up to a million dollars for just one week of work. Both parties to the transaction benefited, as he continued to receive a considerable salary and these small productions were able to take advantage of his image on their covers.

It was a move that played on Willis’s worst impulses as an actor. In the past, he didn’t shy away from acting if he considered a movie to be beneath him. Cop Out, from Kevin Smith, is a case in point, and Smith later pointed out that Willis was difficult to work with as he had trouble pronouncing his lines correctly. Now the actor had an assembly line for movies that did not require an extreme amount of effort and still received a high amount. It was not at the same level as The jungle of crystalBut it fits in with the kind of work Willis had done in the past.

Bruce Willis

These low-budget films also had to look attractive as Hollywood changed course in the 2010s with a shift in priorities regarding the types of films that were given the green light. The mid-budget thrillers and action movies that Willis starred in regularly until 2009 became almost non-existent on the charts of major American movie studios. Faced with the possibility of obtaining his usual pay for starring in a new project that will remind Hostage o The Whole Nine Yards, found another avenue of regular employment.

There’s still hope

While it is a good memory for Willis, it is also one that has managed to lower his reputation. Having starred in movies like Crystal jungle O Unbreakable, nobody can “take away” those classics. But even Willis’s best-known hits from his classical era, such as Hudson Hawk, they premiered in important theaters and at least had a professional air. Appearing a few minutes of screen is a step backward, even for the person who previously headlined films like Perfect Stranger.

And yet, as in any mass Hollywood movie, there is hope. After all, 2012 didn’t last forever, and Willis could make the most of it. Furthermore, even the blockbuster of Glass in 2019, he indicates that audiences are not put off by seeing him on the big screen. His career is far from over, but he is in the middle of a ‘skinny’ stage. Willis currently has eleven very low-budget action films in post-production or principal photography currently on their IMDB, so this chapter doesn’t look like it’s ending anytime soon.

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What happened to Bruce Willis?