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8.20 / 1

New stage for ‘La hora de La 1’

Marc Sala and Silvia Intxaurrondo take charge of The hour of the 1, the informational space of public television, as co-directors and co-presenters. Throughout its four hours a day of broadcasting, the program will address the issues of the day with two main parts: a political one, with Sala, and a current one, with Intxaurrondo.

17.05 / Movistar Comedy

‘The club of five’

The Breakfast Club. USA, 1984 (96 minutes). Director: John Hughes. Performers: Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, Emilio Estévez, Ally Sheedy.

A memorable adolescent psychodrama in which locked up high school students turn comedy into the drama of their lives. John Hughes, always attentive to the expressive possibilities of the staging, saves the theatricality of the unity of space and time thanks to his play with the frames, knows how to look at his endearing story without prejudice and relies on a group of actors who turns his characters into meat.

17.15 / The Sixth

Cristina Pardo and Iñaki López, in front of ‘Better late’


The new season of Better late It arrives with new faces, since Cristina Pardo and Iñaki López will be its new drivers. The program launches a format, with a duration of almost three hours, new sections and collaborators and also technological innovations. All this under the new double gaze that Pardo y López will bring to the set.

17.45 / Movistar Drama


EE UU, 1991 (178 minutos). Director: Oliver Stone. Intérpretes: Kevin Costner, Sissy Spaceck, Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland.

Oliver Stone achieved with JFK the perfect fusion between his visual style and the dramatic depth that he has sought in his scripts since his success with Platoon. An impeccable film that combines aesthetic textures with a desire for disruption while accepting a debt to the narrative spirit of the great classics. In Stone’s hands, the investigation carried out by a sober and intense Kevin Costner into the enigma of the Kennedy assassination, sustains an essential film in the cinema of the nineties.

20.15 / TCM

‘The slander’

The Childrens Hour. EE UU, 1962 (103 minutos). Director: William Wyler. Intérpretes: Audrey Hepburn, Shirley MacLaine, Miriam Hopkins, James Garner.

Two teachers become the target of the slander of a community drowned in prejudice. William Wyler delivers with Slander a masterpiece in which each shot, each frame, is filled with suggestions. But it also offers a plea in favor of difference, fleeing from the fuss to concentrate, as the footage progresses, on an intimate, terrible and tormented drama that manages to turn a particular story into a universal reflection. A marvel.

21.30 / The Sixth

‘The Intermission’ is back, with an even more hooligan mood

Virginia Martin Chico

The oldest space on laSexta reaches its sixteenth season. Tonight go back to programming The intermediate, with Greater Wyoming and Sandra Sabatés at the helm, accompanied by Dani Mateo, Thais Villas, Andrea Ropero and Cristina Gallego. In addition, the program will feature two new additions, the comedian David Pareja and the audiovisual artist Erik Harley. Among the surprises of the new season will be the deepfakes, technique with which Wyoming and Mateo will become Felipe González and José María Aznar.

21.45 / Antenna 3

Pilar Rubio, first guest of ‘El hormiguero’

Pablo Motos, in the company of Trancas and Barrancas, returns to Antena 3 nights in the now traditional date with The anthill, that will have a new gathering, new sections and new collaborators. Pilar Rubio will be its first guest and the program promises future star presences, such as Rauw Alejandro, Arturo Pérez-Reverte, Alejandro Sanz, Pablo Alborán and Enrique Iglesias. Like every season, the program will begin with a movie shot throughout the year, in this case Nightmare in the anthill, in which an ancestor of Motos bequeathed him a cursed mansion.

22.00 / The 2


USA, 1942 (100 minutes). Director: Michael Curtiz. Performers: Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains.

Casablanca remains, inexhaustible, on the lips of all moviegoers. It has always been because it has been able to create its own icons, models that, beyond their merits, enter the memory or the heart of the fan. The magic of cinema. Casablanca it is not a masterpiece: its script accumulates dramatic lines without development, abounds in clichés and plays with implausibilities. But it is an icon. Bogart and Bergman have a lot to do with it; also a memorable ending, decided almost at the last moment … Casablanca it is the cinema.

22.00 / COSMO

Action and comedy go hand in hand in the series ‘Pretty Hard Cases’

The Serie Pretty Hard Cases, COSMO premieres tonight, arrives with the irreverent comedy band loaded with action. Its protagonists are Sam and Kelly, the best detectives in their respective units. The downside is that they are two women of opposite characters whose chaotic lives will end up mixing with their investigations. However, they will have to join forces to try to end the criminal organization that fills the streets of Toronto with drugs.

22.30 / DMAX

The secrets of the Templars

The Serie Secret stories of the Templars peeks into the mysteries of the most iconic and powerful order of knights of the Middle Ages, the Knights Templar. From the rise of his celestial power to his fall into the mistresses of the diabolical, viewers will learn in depth the traditions of his supposed underground survival and the legacies that unite the Holy Land and the European continent.

22.35 / The 1


Spain, 2019 (103 minutes). Director: Benito Zambrano. Interpreters: Luis Tosar, Luis Callejo, Jaime López.

An immense plain, burned by the sun, a persecuted child and a man who protects him are the simple wickers that Benito Zambrano uses to create a powerful and feverish work, which combines western, road movie and social drama. A work of fierce dramatic depth that cries out for the honor of the underprivileged.

22.45 / Telecinco

Latest installments of the ‘Doc’ series

The Serie Doc, focused on the life of Andrea, a doctor who has lost the memory of the last twelve years of his life, faces his final stretch. In these two episodes, Andrea continues her struggle to recover her memories, but other characters also deal with problems, such as Lorenzo, who faces Chiara, his ex-girlfriend, when she is admitted to the hospital after suffering an overdose, or Gabriel, who must explain to your community that you want to stay and live in Italy.

0.15 / 1

‘The sleeping voice’

Spain, 2011 (128 minutes). Director: Benito Zambrano. Performers: María León, Inma Cuesta, Ana Wagener, Marc Clotet.

It took six years for Benito Zambrano to deliver his second film, Havana blues, after his memorable debut with Alone And again the same period passed until the arrival of The sleeping voice, an emotional approach to the figure of the women of the defeated side in the Civil War. Zambrano displays an unusual ability to get closer to his characters, to look at them at the same time in a tender and transparent way. The sleeping voice embraces a group of prey that survives in the postwar period between hope and fear, between the illusion of believing their loved ones alive and the terror of the arrival of death itself.

0.25 / COSMO

‘The Untouchables’

The Untouchables. USA, 1987 (114 minutes). Director: Brian de Palma. Performers: Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Robert de Niro, Andy Garcia.

Brian de Palma elaborates a tribute to the classic film noir in a film that contains the best and worst of his style: together with magnificent sequences, such as the one that shows the confinement of the character of Sean Connery, unusual ridiculous coexist as the pretended memory of nothing less than a The battleship Potemkin (You have to have courage!), Which only achieves a cheap apotheosis of slow motion.

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