Why Black Widow’s Yelena Is Key To Hawkeye (Not Just To Kill Him)

Marvel has released its first trailer for Hawkeye, and it seem likely that Yelena will play a key role beyond just trying to kill the Avenging Archer.

Marvel Studios has just released its first trailer for Hawkeye, and Black Widow’s Yelena Belova will likely play a key role beyond just trying to kill the Avenger. Due to the events of Avengers: Endgame, Yelena has been informed that Clint Barton is responsible for her sister Natasha Romanoff’s death. However, despite her sights being set on killing him, her role will be bigger for his arc in the sense that she’ll be forcing Clint to look back and face his guilt right alongside his dark past as Ronin in the new series coming to Disney+.

In the trailer for Hawkeye, news reports confirm that Ronin has returned, prompting Clint to investigate and discover who took his supposedly buried identity that represented a very dark time in his life, thinking he had lost his family forever before the Avengers brought them back. While this is how he’ll meet Kate Bishop who’ll be posing as him, the resurgence of Ronin seems to spell bad news for Clint, forcing him to reconcile with the darkness of his past he probably would’ve liked to forget. However, the past will most likely come back two-fold when Yelena makes her debut in the series.

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While not featured in the first trailer, it’s been confirmed that Yelena Belova will make an appearance in Hawkeye, having been tasked by Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine to hunt down Clint Barton after being told that he’s the reason Natasha died. While Clint would probably agree with that statement out of guilt, the truth was that the Soul Stone required either his death or Natasha’s, and Black Widow sacrificed herself, unwilling to let Clint pay the price he wanted to in order to make up for the darkness he caused as Ronin. Now, it seems as though Clint is going to have to somehow pay that price in this new series, seeing his time as Ronin and Black Widow’s sacrifice being intrinsically tied together, forcing him to face his own past and guilt.

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While Kate Bishop dressing up as Ronin is probably the result of her good yet naïve intentions to be a hero like Hawkeye, it’s possible that the resurgence of the dark costume and identity is what stirs up consequences for Clint, such as being targeted by Yelena. Considering what’s known about Hawkeye’s time as Ronin and how he basically went on a murder spree in the darkest corners of the world during Thanos’ Decimation, Ronin no doubt had a plethora of enemies who’d like nothing more than to get revenge.

In any case, Clint clearly looks like he’s still weighted down by the guilt of what he did as Ronin, and Yelena’s role in the upcoming series will no doubt force him to reckon with his past even more, especially since he had wanted to be the one to die for the Soul Stone instead of Black Widow. As a result, Yelena’s appearance in the series will play a key part of his arc when Marvel’s Hawkeye releases.

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