Will Poulter (‘Midsommar’) couldn’t sleep after watching the movie

Ari Aster returns to star summer horror movies. After ‘Hereditary’ last year, the director brings to the big screen ‘Midsommar’, a haunting and disturbing film that tells the story of Dani (Florence Pugh), a young woman who has just lost her parents in a terrible tragedy. Accused of family trauma – as Aster already showed in her previous film – she will accompany her boyfriend on his friends’ trip to a festival in a small village in Sweden. They will discover the perversion and strange traditions of the villagers, amid the horror of the Swedish summer.

Will Poulter is Josh, one of the members of the group. In an interview for Vulture, the actor has acknowledged that after seeing the film he could not sleep: “I was so screwed up that after watching it I couldn’t sleep. It may be the most aggressive reaction I’ve ever had to a movie.” Poulter explains that the atmosphere created in the movie is so captivating that quickly wraps you in it “. The Briton affirms that he has not been the only one to have the images of the film stuck in his head. He says the same thing happened to the rest of the team: “We were all screwed. We were joking and laughing in our seats and when the movie started we started laughing at first and then there was a lot of sighing and screaming and in the last third of the movie there was complete silence. Ten minutes later we were all quiet at the end. We could not speak, we were in shock, deeply disturbed”.

Criticism is totally devoted to Aster’s film. They have talked about “visual sophistication” and to be one of the films of the horror genre par excellence. Even Jordan Peele praised it, saying it was one of the movies “most idyllic of all time” So what “It is unique, there has been nothing like it before and everything that comes after is going to have to compete with it.”

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The success of a breakup

Ari Aster said in an interview for Variety that the idea of ​​’Midsommar’ came for a sentimental break that he himself was living. “I was among the ruins of a broken relationship. I had wanted to make a film about a couple breakup for a long time, but I couldn’t find the angle in which it would sound interesting (…) But then I contacted a Swedish production company who had I read ‘Hereditary’ and they told me they wanted me to write a horror and folklore film set in Sweden. So we found the horror and folklore point of view that was perfect for a sentimental break-up plot. “ He also affirms that family dynamics are what help him to generate “a good drama”.

In addition to Poulter, the cast is headed by Pugh, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper and Henrik Norlén. This summer’s quintessential indie film is creating a lot of excitement. It will premiere in Spain on July 26.


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Will Poulter (‘Midsommar’) couldn’t sleep after watching the movie