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Lhe film ‘Lemon bread with poppy seeds’, by Benito Zambrano, will be the opening film of the 10th edition of Evolution! Mallorca International Film Festival, which will open its doors on October 27 with its traditional gala at the Teatro Principal in Palma. Likewise, this year the festival will present its honorary prize, the Evolution Honorary Award, to the German director Win Wenders, responsible for some of the most recognized European films by critics and audiences such as’ Heaven over Berlin ‘,’ Paris-Texas’ or ‘ Buena Vista Social Club ‘.

Benito Zambrano in the filming of “Bread with lemon with poppy seeds” in Mallorca

As explained by the director of EMIFF, Sandra Lipski, “exactly 10 years ago that Benito Zambrano inaugurated the first edition of EMIFF with his film ‘La voz dormida’, so we are very excited that he himself is the one who will accompany us in a such a special anniversary for us and with a movie shot mostly in Mallorca, our home ”.
For his part, Benito Zambrano has assured that “being able to be at EMIFF again is a sign that I can still do what I like the most: shoot films and share them with the public. In the latter, festivals are essential. Long live the Cinema and the Evolution Mallorca Film Festival… and may I continue to go with more of my films ”. “The worst thing about commemorations is seeing how quickly time passes, and the best thing, being alive, and alive in the world of cinema,” added Zambrano.

Thus, ‘Lemon bread with poppy seeds’, a story about friendship, motherhood and the secrets of a forgotten bread recipe on the island of Mallorca, is based on the homonymous novel by Cristina Campos and which was shot in 2020 with Valldemossa as the main stage, will kick off a week of screenings, professional meetings to share experiences and workshops to learn from the most avant-garde filmmakers, which will culminate on November 2 with the awards ceremony for the winners of this Xth edition.

Regarding the filming of the inaugural EMIFF film, Benito Zambrano explained that it was “surprising and wonderful to be able to shoot in the same town where the story takes place. And also being able to shoot in the middle of a pandemic, which has not been a minor matter, unfortunately. Luckily everything went well, there were no problems and we have a first-rate artistic-technical team in Mallorca. I will always be grateful to the people of Valldemossa and Mallorca for their support and for the help they gave us, they were delightful and peaceful days of work ”.

On the other hand, Sandra Lipski has highlighted the “emotion that EMIFF has to be able to present its honorary award this year to a fundamental figure in international cinematography in recent decades, such as Wim Wenders”. “I don’t think there is a better way to celebrate the tenth anniversary of a festival like ours, which advocates for ‘Unir Culturas’, than with the inspiring and innovative work of Wim, thus paying tribute to a way of making cinema that has known always go further to alter existing perspectives ”.

Wim Wenders, for his part, stressed that “I like EMIFF for several reasons. I have had excellent experiences of filming on the island and have met great teams of local professionals, with a friendly character and full of enthusiasm. I like the impressive natural light, the people and the large number of unique locations that I found there. In addition, I support EMIFF because it vigorously promotes independent cinema. Festivals like this have never played such an important role in building bridges between people and culture, uncovering new talent and creating new opportunities for young filmmakers. “

Artists previously recognized with this same award include directors such as Asif Kapadia, Fernando Trueba, Marjane Satrapi, Tobias Lindholm and Paul Haggis, as well as great actors and actresses from various countries, such as Danny DeVito, Mads Mikkelsen, Ángela Molina. , Marisa Paredes, Ana de Armas, Melissa Leo or Lena Heady.

Finally, Sandra Lipski stressed that “the EMIFF is an opportunity for film lovers to enjoy for seven days a provocative, diverse and inclusive mix of feature films, shorts, documentaries, music videos, animated films, experimental works and films. for children”. “But it is also a unique forum for professionals from all branches of the audiovisual industry, who can share experiences and projects in a privileged environment such as Mallorca, thus making the festival’s motto a reality: ‘Unite Cultures, Unite People'”, Lipski has concluded.

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Wim Wenders will receive the Evolution Honorary Award 2021 in October lasiestamagazine –