Xavier Bertrand deems “urgent to regain control over immigration” and unveils his proposals

One month before the Les Républicains (LR) party congress during which members will choose their candidate for the presidential election, Xavier Bertrand continues to unveil his proposals. On the program, Thursday, November 4: immigration. “No one is at the helm anymore. France is subjected to immigration that it no longer chooses. It is urgent to regain control “, hammered the president of Hauts-de-France in front of nearly 200 people gathered in Marck-en-Calaisis (Pas-de-Calais).

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Its policy will be based on “Two principles”, he explained: “Decide who can settle on their soil and who must leave their soil” and that immigration “Answer” to the needs of France and not the other way around. “It is not France that must meet the needs of immigration, it is immigration that must meet the needs of France”, he continued.

Returning them back to back “Xenophobic” and the “Righteous”, which compete with “Simplistic solutions”, and criticizing the president, Emmanuel Macron, who “Dodged the question”, Mr. Bertrand proposed to “Put an end to the current regularization system” and of “Dismantle the camps of illegal migrants”, like the Calais “jungle”, dismantled five years ago.

« Quotas d’immigration »

He promised to revise the Constitution by referendum so that each year “Parliament sets immigration quotas”, and reduce family immigration as a priority. To join your spouse, you will need to present a “Republican passport”, provided you master the French language, and “Respect the principles” secularism, equality and “Primacy of republican law”, he explained. He also suggested expelling “Any foreigner sentenced to prison at the end of his sentence”.

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Against illegal immigration, Mr. Bertrand proposed a “Triple border policy”. With the countries of departures, he pleaded for the “Creation of a Mediterranean alliance” and threatened to withhold visas from countries that refuse to “Cooperate”. At European level, he wished “Prohibit all admission” in the Schengen area. At the national level, he defended a “Emergency migration law for secure removal” illegals.

In an allusion to the putative far-right candidate Eric Zemmour, he warned against “The temptation of hatred”.

“To consider that such and such a religion or such first name would be enough to disqualify the one who practices it or the one who wears it, is madness. There are perfectly integrated foreigners and there are those who do not respect our country, let’s not be wrong in the fight. “

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While the LR party formalized on Thursday the names of the five candidates for the congress – Valérie Pécresse, Michel Barnier, Philippe Juvin, Eric Ciotti and therefore Mr. Bertrand – they have until the 1stis December, day of the start of the first round, to unveil their proposals. And they will have no less than four televised debates – the first of which will take place Monday, November 8 on LCI and RTL – to do so.

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Xavier Bertrand deems “urgent to regain control over immigration” and unveils his proposals

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